Some photos of the build process
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The Spitfire Aces! John, Vinny and Jonathan

John and Jonathan's GT40

It was an advantage to start out with a crummy shell, I had no qualms about cutting it up

I had already collected all of the major components together and had a good idea what was needed to fit them all together.  I also had been prepared about what was needed to stop the shell from moving while I cut all the rotten panels out and grafted new ones in.

Daddy's little helper, although he's much bigger now

I am an audiologist, but Jake though it would be fun to try the ear defenders without prompting.  Note 1/2" AF combination spanner in hand.

Word of advice, keep the kids and the cats well away from engine building activities... 

transmission tunnel mods needed for the big TR gearbox

The line of the propshaft with the big gearbox is higher than with the GT6 box.  I had already had a shorter propshaft made, the TR box is about 8" longer than the GT6 box.

I dented the tunnel near the heelboard to pursuade the tunnel to bend when sliced off the floorpans and levered upwards by about 2"

Brutal but effective

Floor pans and tunnel stiched back together

Not the world's neatest welding, but it's all there, welded on both sides

I took the opportunity to add extra weld to the handbrake bracket.

It took about 6 months to get to this stage as the floorpans and the sills needed to be assembled in the process. 

Rotoflex radius arm brackets

The geometry of the roto radius arms is different, needing new brackets to be made out of 1/8" steel and fillet along with 16swg doublers to the heelboard.

The old brackets were left and all was securely welded to the new floors to feed suspension loads into the floor

The shell bracing can clearly be seen

Front bulkhead mod needed to fit a 6cyl engine & box into a spitfire shell

The mod is easy enough to do if you have the bodyshell off the chassis, but a pain in the neck and a hot shower of sparks if you have to do it in situ with a angle grinder.  I cleaned the cut up later with some shears.

I am surprised that the factory didn't have a universal front bulkhead with cut-outs on both sides for the spit and gt6, but had separate bulkhead pressings for the 6 and 4 cylinder cars.  Why?

Bulkhead mod needed to clear the metering unit of the PI

The clearance here needs to be enough to get your fingers in and hook up the control cable for the cold-start.  That means you need to cut away more of the bulkhead than initially seems right.  I don't know how this would fit for left hand drive cars, but PI isn't available in the USA and the Europeans don't seem to have PI systems kicking around either...

Underside of the new floorpan with home brew exhaust system

Being quite broke most of the time, I didn't go and spend £500 on a stainless downpipe set and exhaust, instead I bought a TR5 cast iron 6into2 exhaust manifold, one stainless silencer box and lenghts of 38 and 52mm stainless pipes.  I fabricated a set of downpipes and a 2into1 collector box (2x38mm into one 52mm) and made the smaller silencer shown here, also adding some 90deg turns to the pipework of the bought box.  The result is a big bore straight through exhaust system which is perfectly acceptable for noise.

  I am not so sure that every Government would be happy about non-emarked exhausts though...


The rear anti-roll bar proved to be a pointless experiment, neither adding nor detracting from the handling. It was eventualty removed