The Triumph Spitfire Supersix and Speedsix
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The Spitfire Aces! John, Vinny and Jonathan

John and Jonathan's GT40

Welcome To The Triumph Spitfire
Supersix and Speedsix Page

The beast lives!
What's it like to drive?
Goes like a train. The Triumph Spitfire SuperSix has the engine and gearbox that Standard Triumph never offered to the public. 2.5 litre six, Lucas PI and the TR5/6/big saloon overdrive gearbox.  If you would like to see your Company Information on the car as sponsor it will be competing in the TR Register 2005 Sprint and Hillclimb championship.  As sponsor, you even get to have a go in it...
The Supersix, what is it?
A project to drop a 2500 Lucas Fuel Injected Triumph engine into a Spitfire - the car Triumph SHOULD have built. Some call it a Spitfire 6, some call it a convertible GT6 and then there are those who call it a Gitfire! Me? I call it the Triumph Spitfire SuperSix and treat it with respect.

If you want to know how to get your hands on the SuperSix, need to know how it was done or just want to taalk Triumphs, get in touch now.

Fancy making your own?
Join the like minded Triumph nuts on the Yahoo network - Check into the Spit6CGT6 Discussion Group

The SuperSix at Binman Central
Hand crafted in the Black Country
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